SuperHero Training

SuperHero Training  

How to become a medically verifiable example of health excellence 

Complete Health Foundation course. Everything you’ll ever need to know about what to put in your body to experience the maximum amount of joy and vitality. Workshops include: Sprouting, Herbology, Juicing, Fermented Food Making, Introduction to Gourmet Cuisine, Essential Nutrition, Neurotransmitter assessment + the latest breakthroughs in how to massively transform your health for the better including simple exercises, superfoods, advanced natural health strategies.

12-week program, London, Spring 2017. Sessions run 6.40pm–10pm:

  • Wednesday 8th February: Overview to passing medical exams. Top 75 foods. Breakfast ideas. Essential Nutrition
  • Wednesday 15th February: Superfoods & recipes
  • Wednesday 22nd February: Green Juicing & Energy
  • Wednesday 1st March: Fermented Foods & Lymph
  • Wednesday 8th March: Sprouting & Dental Strategies
  • Wednesday 15th March: Healthy Gourmet food
  • Wednesday 22nd March: Grounding technology
  • Wednesday 29th March: Detoxification
  • Wednesday 5th April: Neurotransmitters & Water
  • Wednesday 12th April: The Magic of Movement
  • Wednesday 19th April: Tonic Herbology
  • Wednesday 26th April: Let’s Play Doctor

Deal: £1097 in one payment  OR  4 x monthly instalments of £297

Call 01733 759648 to enrol

SuperHero Bootcamp 1st – 11th May 2017, Turkey

Same program as above, but residential in a beautiful villa in the Toros Mountains, Turkey

ASK for price: 01733 759648 

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