The Perils of Eating BREAD

In this video Dr William Davis knuckle punches wheat out of the kitchen cupboard, whether brown or white, organic or not, because wheat is an utterly unhealthy food any which way you slice it. But not just wheat bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, biscuits – grains in general! as all grains; rice, quinoa, spelt, barley, millet, rye, sorghum, oats, teff, amaranth,  buckwheat – in short the seeds of grasses –  they are ALL high sugar and starch, low nutrient, high inflammation,  low anti-oxidant, low polyphenol, low water content foods.

700 a Day Hit by Diabetes

700 people per day in Great Britain are being diagnosed with diabetes, according to the latest newspaper article Daily Express 15th February 2016. That is one person every two minutes. Over the last 20 years since 1996, diabetes in Great Britain has doubled, mainly for the reason that people are getting fat. It is the fastest growing health threat of our time, with more than three and a half million people in Great Britain now diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes, according to the leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK.

However, just because you may not have insulin-dependent diabetes does not mean that all is well and good. Being insulin-dependent is actually the interim stage of your troubles whereby you have worn out your pancreas by hitting it over the head through eating grains, animal products, starches and carbohydrates.

But before your pancreas gets worn out you experience elevated blood sugar levels. Elevated blood sugar levels is the enemy of your health and this is what you experience each time you consume starches and carbohydrates, be they refined, simple or complex. It is only a matter of time before these starches and carbohydrates are converted into simple sugars known as glucose in your blood. When this happens you will get fat. Studies show that being overweight will shorten your lifespan on average between six and a half years to eight years (depending on which study you read) compared to your leaner, slimmer peers. Additionally, overweight people do not die of anything exciting. They die of the same old boring diseases such as accelerated Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and hypertension.

Not only do you get fat, if you watched the BBC’s Horizon programme on Skin ageing by consultant surgeon to the NHS Dr Rosina Ali aired in 2013, she showed that people with elevated blood sugar levels also increased their rate of skin wrinkling. Elevated blood sugar is also a great way to go blind because it rots your eyeballs and this is the number one cause of irreversible blindness, glaucoma and cataracts. We also know that excess sugar rots your teeth and gives you gum disease. Gum disease, or gingivitis as it is more correctly termed, is what happens when you brush your teeth and they start bleeding.

If you watch the Morgan Spurlock movie: Supersize Me, you will find that he was able to screw up his liver and almost die of liver failure within three weeks simply by eating animal products, simple sugars, refined starches and carbohydrates. This is liver failure and fatty sclerotic liver which is normally associated with an alcoholic, but Morgan Spurlock showed that you can achieve this just by eating the wrong diet.

One of the ways in which hospitals establish the size and location of a cancer is by giving cancer patients a special sugary drink which contains a tagging ingredient which gets sucked up by the cancer cells. By imaging this, doctors can see the size and location of the cancer cells based on how much sugar they have sucked up. Professor Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize back in the 1931 for showing that cancer is largely fed by sugar. So it is probably a good idea to reduce your sugar, starch and carbohydrate consumption now.

The number one neurological decline that happens to people is Alzheimer’s disease. What we know through surveys is that Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease strike the most fear in the average individual. Yet for every one person that gets Parkinson’s, two people get Alzheimer’s. If you read the article in New Scientist magazine, 1 September 2012 edition, called Food For Thought: What You Eat May Be Killing Your Brain you will find that scientists are now calling elevated blood sugar levels Type III diabetes because this is Alzheimer’s disease. I simply cal it ‘brain rotting’.

So all these problems occur along the way regardless of whether or not you actually become insulin-dependent diabetic.

There is another story which came out about what happens at the end state of rotting. On 15 July 2015, the Daily Mirror’s front page article was that 135 people each week in Great Britain have an arm or a leg surgically ripped out from their socket in a hospital and discarded because it has rotted away. There are endless problems associated with being on the wrong foods and how this translates into increased blood sugar levels. This is known as fasting blood glucose if you want to measure this with your doctor. This is all caused by eating animal products, starches and carbohydrates. It doesn’t matter if they are organic or not, refined or complex, it all turns into glucose in your blood after some time.

If you want to have an idea whether you are suffering from excess sugar consumption, one of the easiest ways to tell (apart from doing a blood sugar test) is to look in the mirror and see whether you are hanging on to excess body fat. Excess body fat is almost solely associated with excess sugar consumption. In fact the scientific phrase for this condition is ‘diabesity’. This is where someone has consumed so much sugar that not only are they fat but they have diabetes at the same time.

In the case of people who have been diagnosed with insulin-dependency, it is erroneously thought that all they need to do is get off the starches and sugars. I have students like this who get off the starches and sugars but continue to consume animal products and have to continue injecting themselves with insulin. However, if they get off the animal flesh as well as I recommend, they no longer need to inject themselves with insulin. One thing we know for sure is that animal food blunts your insulin response. It blunts the ability of your to get your blood sugars under control. Although chicken, pig or cow meat does not contain any sugars or starches or carbohydrates, it has the same effect of making you an insulin-dependent Type II diabetic.

The wrong foods are always the starches, carbohydrates, organic or not, refined or complex and grass-seed/grains be they wheat, rice, spelt, barley, millet, buckwheat, etc. If you want to know just how detrimental grass-seed is for the human body, you might want to read the excellent book called Wheat Belly by Dr William Davies which will give you a good idea about what grains/grass-seed is actually doing to your body.

I recommend a plant-based diet with a little bit of seafood which turns around all these health problems I have listed in this article. If people have become Type II insulin-dependent diabetics, they can quite simply reverse the situation by reversing the cause. Once you change what is causing the problem you change the effect. You can change this permanently by changing your diet. I call this ‘getting off the tragic and getting on the magic’.

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Vitamin D and You

Recently we looked at how lack of Vitamin D, which is typically associated to people who wear CLOTHES, work INDOORS, and live in Northern Latitudes may be accelerating their ageing and demise here. In this info below you get a better idea about why vitamin D (which is actually a hormone) regulates vast amounts of your genome and your immune system

Vit Dk

Body Fat: A Quick Ride to an Early Grave?

Body fat is THE ENEMY of your health and longevity, because the more body fat you have, the shorter you live according to the US National Institutes of Health: obesity – a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more – shortens life span by six and a half years! This is because excess body fat greatly accelerates death from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Being overweight accounts for 20% of the cancer deaths in women, and 14% in men according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Obesitty damage 1

Maintaining high body-fat creates a lot of damage to your DNA which is associated with greatly increased cancer risk

34% of the deaths in the world are linked to being overweight according to the WHO, and an astounding 71% of deaths in the United States are linked to being overweight. That’s approximately 300,000 overweight associated deaths every year in the United States according to a Surgeon-General report.



BMI is the range used in mainstream medicine, whilst it’s not as accurate a predictor of too much fat as compared to a body-fat percentage test, it gives you a real quick and easy way to asses potential health risk. Which zone are you in?

So what do you do if you’re hanging onto too much deadly body-fat?

I like to keep things simple: get off the TRAGIC foods and drinks, and get on the MAGIC foods and drinks. Whilst an over simplification, it starts with: Eat Less, and Move More!

RK slim

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Mild Nutrient Deficiency Accelerates Ageing and Disease

Are you suffering from malnutrition?

In the West we tend to think that we can’t possibly be malnourished, because it’s only impoverished people from poor countries that are malnourished. 

But in actual fact people in poor countries tend to be underfed and malnourished, and people in the West are overfed and malnourished because of poor dietary food choices and nutrient deficient commercial food consumption, also known as “empty calorie foods” and the biggest problem is just not knowing which nutrients come from which food sources.

US deficiencies

Most Americans aren’t even getting the minimum amount of essential nutrients, yet alone optimal amounts

To run your body you need the basic macronutrients of fuel, fats, and carbohydrates. But you also need 15 or so vitamins that are co-enzymes and 15 or so minerals that are required in enzymes, and then you need two essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, and then there are seven or eight essential amino acids, so all together, it’s roughly 40 substances. Virtually every metabolic pathway requires micronutrients. Deficiencies in these micronutrients may not be severe enough to create immediate clinical symptoms, but the long-range implications could lead to an increased risk of diseases associated with ageing. But the sad fact is that practically everybody is deficient at some level of these nutrients because of dietary deficiencies.

Faced with limited nutritional resources, your body must “decide” which biological functions to prioritise in order to give you the best chance to survive and reproduce. 

The research shoes that if you’re even a little bit deficient in one of the essential micronutrients, your body has to “ration” them in terms of priority. Under this scenario, your body will always direct nutrients toward short-term health and reproductive capability—and AWAY from regulation and repair of cellular DNA and proteins that increase longevity. 


Vit D mouse


This means that while your body may be providing nutritional support in the short-term to survive and reproduce, at the cellular level, the process of decay and death is accelerating due to insufficient nutrition for anything else but short-term goals.

Early death due to Vitamin C deficiency

Class after class after class of new students believe that they are okay with their vitamin C levels for the main reason that they have “heard” about vitamin C, so they assume that they are getting sufficient quantity from their diet. However upon analysis, it is quick to find out that they are woefully deficient in vitamin C from dietary sources.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, and the main water soluble antioxidant. A 10-year long study (UCLA 1992) involving 11,348 people showed that people who only consumed 60mg daily of Vitamin C, on average DIED 6 years earlier compared to people who supplemented with just 800mg of Vitamin C daily. 

Further, in the same study, it was found that those who took 800mg per day of Vitamin C (compared to those who only took 60mg per day) reduced their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 42%! (Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for half of all deaths). In a different study published in the British Medical Journal found that men who were deficient in Vitamin C had 3.5 times more heart attacks than men who were not deficient in Vitamin C


Folic Acid deficiency, like getting irradiated

xray folic acid

Folic acid deficiency in mice breaks DNA, just like exposure to radiation.

K to prevent Calcification

In Germany, where vitamin K was discovered, it is known as the “Koagulation” vitamin because it factors so heavily in blood clotting. 

Of course, it’s awesome in the short-term to have enough Vitamin K so as to prevent yourself bleeding to death, and coagulation is the first priority of your body, but what if you have insufficient Vitamin K left over to prevent age-related conditions such as bone fragility, arterial and kidney calcification, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. We are beginning to see interesting studies concerning vitamin K deficiencies and mortality from coronary heart disease.  

Additionally, people taking vitamin K antagonists such as warfarin to prevent strokes are experiencing serious vitamin K deficiencies and are at increased risk for osteoporosis and calcification of their arteries.

Nutrient deficiencies damage your DNA

Researcher Bruce Ames looked at this problem and whenever his lab made human cells in culture a little deficient in a vitamin or mineral, the cells started getting irreparable DNA damage. 

The sad fact is that practically everybody is deficient at some level of the essential nutrients because of dietary deficiencies. And there are just two ongoing reasons why people have dietary deficiencies of essential nutrients; 

1, Not knowing what nutrients come from which foods.

2, Lack of culinary skills and understanding about how to make super nutritious foods taste good.

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Health Motivation at Age 93