Calendar of Events

Calendar of Upcoming Events. All events are in London.

Sexy BodySexy Body Invincible Health

Our foundation course to take charge of your health and body, get rid of health problems large and small, get 3 – 5 more hours of energy each day, and get a HOT SEXY BODY!

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Consultancy with Peter

No holds barred one-on-one private consultancy with Peter Pure. Your problems and objectives discussed, and what you specifically need to do to see improvement.

Call 01733 759648 to book


5-day Healthy Chef Training

How to make delicious healthy food to share with your family and friends.

  • Easter Holiday: 13th – 17th April



Health & Performance Breakthrough 3-day Seminar

3-days to turbo-charge your health and performance foundation program

20th – 22nd January

see  Call 01733 759648 to enrol


SuperHero Training   

Complete Health Foundation course. Everything you’ll ever need to know about what to put in your body to experience the maximum amount of joy and vitality. Workshops include: Sprouting, Herbology, Juicing, Fermented Food Making, Introduction to Gourmet Cuisine, Essential Nutrition, Neurotransmitter assessment + the latest breakthroughs in how to massively transform your health for the better including simple exercises, superfoods, advanced natural health strategies. 12-week program, (sessions run 6.40pm–10pm):

    • Wednesday 8th February: Overview to passing medical exams. Top 75 foods. Breakfast ideas. Essential Nutrition
    • Wednesday 15th February: Superfoods & recipes
    • Wednesday 22nd February: Green Juicing & Energy
    • Wednesday 1st March: Fermented Foods & Lymph
    • Wednesday 8th March: Sprouting & Dental Strategies
    • Wednesday 15th March: Healthy Gourmet food
    • Wednesday 22nd March: Grounding technology
    • Wednesday 29th March: Detoxification
    • Wednesday 5th April: Neurotransmitters & Water
    • Wednesday 12th April: The Magic of Movement
    • Wednesday 19th April: Tonic Herbology
    • Wednesday 26th April: Let’s Play Doctor

Call 01733 759648 to enrol

SuperHero Bootcamp 1 – 12 May. 2017, Turkey

Same program as above, but residential in a beautiful villa in the Toros Mountains, Turkey

Call 01733 759648 to enrol


Natural Beauty2-Day How to Make Your Own Self-Care Body Products

25th – 26th February



Youngevity Weekend Seminar

How to live to 200, Increase your lifespan by 150%. Slow down the rate of cellular ageing. Reverse eyesight problems and improve your vision. Get rid of age spots inside and out. Boost your hormones through natural methods. Massively extend your life-span

  • Live Seminar: Autumn 2017. ASK for date
  • CD available



A-Z Healing Seminar “Your Own Private Medicine Chest of Solutions”

1-day Seminar in how to deal with the most commonly asked for health improvement situations including: Eyesight, Skin issues, Immune system, Brain Power, Fat Loss.

  • Dates TBA

Call 01733 759648 to enrol


Cleansing & Detox Programme 2-Weeks Turkey

May 2017

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