“The positive and pro-active tone of Peter is a great motivation to take action and improve our health. He presents science-based practical advice and he goes back to basics, examining studies at the root cause of chronic degenerative disease. A concept I found most useful is his approach in separating elements which are either ‘tragic’ (bad for your health) or ‘magic’ (good for you). This helps the reader enormously and in a practical way, to choose suitable alternatives for health promotion.

If you are at the stage where you have realized that there is more to life than just living and then dying, if you believe that health is an important aspect of your life, helping you to achieve fulfilment and self-actualization, if you want to experience a longer lifespan, then this book must be on your ‘top five’ health books list.”

– Dr Marios Kyriazis (MD),  Anti-Aging Physician and Biogerontologist.      Chairman of The British Longevity Society

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“What I’ve always liked about Peter, is that he practices what he preaches. There’s no doubt that the basis of all health, is diet and lifestyle. This book really details what helps for specific purposes, for whilst the TV and newspapers are full of cooks telling us what’s tasty and how to cook, in The Incredible Self-Healing You! is the knowledge on what foodstuffs can do for your health – how much more important is that?!

At the end of the day, you don’t want to rely on orthodox medicine to take care of you as you age. They can only (at best) manage degenerative disease and they certainly don’t know how to avoid it; this vital knowledge has to be learnt from people like Peter and books like this one.”

–  Phil Micans, MS, PharmB, Editor, Aging Matters™ magazine

4 responses to “Tishy

  1. Mary Fane-Gladwin

    Hi Peter, I wondered where you had got too! Clearly you’ve been busy! I hope to meet you again soon, Good luck with your transforming research, I was going to come for a consiltation 3 years ago and have been following up your lines of enquiry. My rheumatoid arthritis is minimised, amd i am working part time. An unbelievable self-healing story. Mary

  2. Hey Peter, nice design for your book cover. Who created it ?

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