Body Fat: A Quick Ride to an Early Grave?

Body fat is THE ENEMY of your health and longevity, because the more body fat you have, the shorter you live according to the US National Institutes of Health: obesity – a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more – shortens life span by six and a half years! This is because excess body fat greatly accelerates death from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Being overweight accounts for 20% of the cancer deaths in women, and 14% in men according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Obesitty damage 1

Maintaining high body-fat creates a lot of damage to your DNA which is associated with greatly increased cancer risk

34% of the deaths in the world are linked to being overweight according to the WHO, and an astounding 71% of deaths in the United States are linked to being overweight. That’s approximately 300,000 overweight associated deaths every year in the United States according to a Surgeon-General report.



BMI is the range used in mainstream medicine, whilst it’s not as accurate a predictor of too much fat as compared to a body-fat percentage test, it gives you a real quick and easy way to asses potential health risk. Which zone are you in?

So what do you do if you’re hanging onto too much deadly body-fat?

I like to keep things simple: get off the TRAGIC foods and drinks, and get on the MAGIC foods and drinks. Whilst an over simplification, it starts with: Eat Less, and Move More!

RK slim

Rebecca effortlessly loses one and a half dress sizes in 6 months with the Sexy Body Invincible Health food choices. She used to associate fat-loss with being tired, grumpy, miserable, hungry and hard work. But she was astonished at how easy it was by just following along with the dietary recommendations she learned at Sexy Body Invincible Health

For Maximum Vitality


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