First David Bowie, now Alan Rickman – what went wrong?

The untimely and premature deaths of David Bowie and now Alan Rickman highlight a major mistake that practically everybody is silently complicit in committing.

Whilst being alive is the ultimate treasure bestowed upon us with the multiple gifts of fun and entertainment in the areas of travel, family, friends, business, career, hobbies, sports, spiritual practices, nature, study and learning, there is one COLOSSAL assumption where practically everyone is seeding their own early demise and that is

It’s easy to get so focused on participating in the fun things in life, that one can forget that all of fun in life is only available to you if you are HEALTHY enough to enjoy it.

To assume that you’re going to be healthy enough in this day and age, to enjoy what you like to do is completely naive – when you understand here in Great Britain alone there are just shy of half a million premature deaths per year, every year.

For example, whilst David Bowie and Alan Rickman both died prematurely at the young age of 69 after battling cancer, in comparison, the average British man lives to the age of 77, and the men in the healthiest cultures on the planet live to an average age of 87.

But that’s not all, the longest lived cultures in the world don’t just enjoy much much longer lifespans, they also enjoy a much much longer healthspan. In the West the average person’s last remaining 5 years of life is so marred by pain, decrepitude, prescription medication and misery, it’s really not worth living. Whilst the people in the longest live cultures tend to experience a healthy life of active, healthy participation all the way up to the point when they typically die peacefully in their sleep.

Whoah! That’s an average of an extra 23 more years of vibrant health participating in life’s joys, as compared to Bowie and Rickman!

And how do you achieve this massive increase in healthy vibrant living – the simple phrase to acquaint yourself with is called “positive biology” and what that means is just to copy the health success patterns of the worlds healthiest and longest lived peoples, and whatever you do, DO NOT copy the lifestyle patterns of the overwhelming majority of Westerners who die prematurely in their millions each year, and experience years of ailments, pain, suffering and diseases along the way.

If you want to make a start today, after 30 years of research, I have condensed the most important principles for you to learn into one single class: The Sexy Body, Invincible Health Weekend

For Maximum Vitality


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