Re-Growing Tooth – Photo

ToothIn the photo, Barry Carter shows how he regrew tooth by consuming ORMUS rich water. ORMUS minerals are also high in some of our favourite superfoods; noni, aloe vera, goji, apricot kernel and coconut water amongst many others. Other promising strategies to accelerate tooth regrowth include stem cell promoting strategies such as pulsed electro magnetic frequencies (PEMF) and consumption of the blue pigment phycocyanin which is particularly rich in AFA algae. (our Algae Almighty product for example).

I too, have the experience of re-growing small holes in  my teeth between the ages of 16 and 18. It’s important to know that the teeth are part of the skeletal structure, and so have osteoclasts – that break down old bone, and osteoblasts that lay down new bone. It’s been estimated that our skeleton completely regenerates itself five times over a life time – in other words SLOWLY but SURELY. What I did to regrow the small holes in my own teeth was to massively slow down the rate of dental decay by doing all the regular things: get off sugar, grains, sticky stuff, and maintain great dental hygeine; tongue scrapping, oil pulling, brushing and flossing. Then re-mineralise the bone through aloe vera consumption each day and a high amount of green salad, and green leaf vegetable juice. The full  protocol is documented on my CD recording A-Z Healing Seminar/teeth. For more information about a plan to slow down your rate of ageing, and even reverse many of the symptoms of increasing age, have a look at my free Youngevity Videos here:


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