How Tough are You?


The problem today is that people are flimsier than ever – they are literally snapping themselves in half.

One out of every two women over the age of 50, and one out of four men are suffering from broken bones. If that’s not flimsy, what could be?

Imagine a car that was built out of balsa-wood, blue-tac, and cellophane -would you buy it? Of course not, but what about your body?

Not only are women suffering more bone fractures than even the number one cause of death, heart attacks – one out of five people who have a bone fracture, because of the proceeding poor quality of life, give up the will to live, and die within 12 months of the fracture.

To show you what I mean by being ‘tougher than nails’ – see this video of what happened to Jake Brown when he fell from the height of a four-storey building:

But people like Jake are not the norm,. The overwhelming majority of broken bones are caused from people just slipping on the floor they are standing on.

The good news is that the body responds to DEMAND, including your bones. But if you just sit on your butt or just do gentle walking, that is such insufficient demand the body does not even maintain it’s existing bone mass, it actually loses 1% bone mass per year according to NASA research.

Your  bones can not survive with puny pathetic ‘exercise’ like sitting, gentle walking and shopping. You have to work HARD to stimulate bone mass increase .

A student was recently explaining to me how in her early 60s she had broke some bones, which had become weak due to osteoporosis.

For decades leading up to her osteoporosis and broken bones,  she was doing gentle easy yoga, but it turned out to completely ineffective at stimulating bone mass increase.

Allopathic medicine gave her bone medication which didn’t agree with her all and made her sick. Note: unfortunately bone medication does nothing to rebuild the bones, it only prevents further bone loss and has some nasty side effects. So my student decided to come off the medication, and instead she stimulated her body to build and regrow strong robust bones by doing three hours per day of HARD yoga.  Now, at age 69, she no longer has osteoporosis.

If you don’t have the time to do three hours per day of HARD yoga, other alternatives which stimulate your body to build and regrow strong robust bones, but are much less time consumptive and can be done in just a couple of hours per week are:

  • Heavy dumbell and barbell weight lifting
  • Heavy kettlebell training
    Heavy calisthenics (bodyweight training)
  • Gymnastics
  • Also very helpful is jumping super-high trampolining, and skateboard and BMX ramp riding.

    Since all these activities are amazing good fun, I personally do the whole lot apart from skateboard ramp riding.Which of those hard physical exercises do you do to avoid suffering from broken bones?


    A recent photo of me riding my BMX
    A recent photo of me riding my BMX

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