What’s Causing Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain affects most people at some point according to the NHS, with 8 out of 10 of us experiencing one or more bouts of lower back pain. Bupa states that 1 out of 3 of us are affected in just a single year.


Current ‘treatments’ –include: pain killers, surgery, and even injections into the spine. The problem with all of these treatments is that none of them do ANYTHING to address the CAUSE. And until and unless you deal with the cause of lower back pain, symptom alleviation is only a short term pain-reliever to a long-term underlying problem that won’t change until you change.

Whilst there can be many contributory factors behind lower back pain, by far the NUMBER ONE cause of lower back pain is WEAK BACK MUSCLES.

Let’s look at the AVERAGE persons back exercise routine:

  • Lying in bed
  • Sitting in the car for the commute to work
  • Sitting at the desk in the office
  • Sitting at the luncheon table
  • More sitting at the desk in the office
  • Sitting back in the car for the commute back home
  • Sitting at the dinner table to eat
  • Sitting on the couch to watch TV
  • Lying in bed sleeping.

You’re hardly going to get a strong muscular back from this lot! And you don’t have to look much further to realise that these activities do NOTHING to strengthen the back.

I’m thinking about the back exercises I did yesterday at the gym:

  1. Body weight pull-ups
  2. EZ barbell bent rows
  3. Dumbell bent over rows
  4. Pulling a big truck tire (tied to a rope) from one side of the gym to the other. Four times.
  5. Kettlebell: swings, clean and jerk.

Other excellent lower back exercises are: barbell squats, barbell deadlifts (I do these on my legs day at the gym) and hyperextensions.

If you don’t recognise and understand how to correctly execute the above movements, that is THE PROBLEM right there.

People consistently want to blame EVERYTHING under the sun for their lower back pains apart from THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE of lower back pain which is WEAK BACK MUSCLES caused by a CONSISTENT CHRONIC LACK of back exercises.

If you have lower back pain*, or wish to avoid it, start with doing the above listed exercises with a personal trainer once per week. In the unlikely event that that fails to make a difference for you, contact us for some more specialised guidance.

*presuming it’s non-congenital.

2 responses to “What’s Causing Lower Back Pain?

  1. Hi I do experience lower back pain at various times..do you know when.this programme on horizon will be showing or if its on bbc iplayer still? Thanks..see you on Jan 17th! (:

    • Hi Elena
      the BBC program is of minor importance to your transformation.
      The #1 reason for lower back pain is a chronic deficiency of barbell squats and barbell deadlifts in the gym.
      If you are already doing squats and deadlifts on a regular basis, both of which would strengthen your lower back,
      get in touch and I can direct you to a postural alignment therapist

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