Are You Forgetting Things? How to Improve Your Memory

memory Are you forgetting things? The nutrient of memory is vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is not only associated with memory, it is also associated with lowering dangerous homocysteine, which is correlated with heart attacks.

In your medical test, you need your B12 levels to be 550 and above. Below 550, and you will likely be displaying ever increasing levels of poor memory.

Vitamin B12 is a bacteria that grows on top of foods. But when food is washed or cooked the bacteria is lost or destroyed. Wild animals get their B12 bacteria by eating plenty of unwashed and uncooked raw plants, or eating the animals that eat them. Humans however, tend to be woefully inadequate in vitamin B12. Due to a combination of lack of wild food consumption, washing food, cooking food, and if eating animals – factory farmed animals that do not eat their natural diet.

A lady I know, aged 50, drove her car to the supermarket, picked up the groceries, came home and packed them away. Her 20 year old son asked her if he can borrow her car, and she said yes. But his son was confused because he didn’t know where the car was. So he asked his mum. The lady said the car was in the driveway, but it wasn’t. What happened to the car?

She left the car at the supermarket! And came home on public transport, but couldn’t remember she came on public transport, couldn’t remember that she didn’t park the car. And this is what we call pseudo-senility. The patient has every sign and symptom of dementia, but doesn’t have dementia – they just have a raging B12 deficiency syndrome. Fortunately her doctor recognised this and promptly gave her a B12 injection.

A student of mine, was forgetting everything all the time. And his wife was complaining about it. I said: 550 and above! But his blood test only showed up as 175 -no wonder he was forgetting everything!

There are two forms of vitamin B12, the natural bacteria which contains vitamin B12. (Which is what we sell at £49.99, for 200 tablets – call mail-order on 01733 759648)

The other form, is the synthetic form called methylcobalamin, and according to the dentist Dr Hal Huggins, if you have ever had a mercury-amalgam filling (the silver fillings) that you must avoid the synthetic methylcobalamin version, because it reacts with the mercury in your body and turns into a new toxic compounds called methyl-mercury, something which is the first step to autoimmune disease.

In my experience looking at blood tests, someone would need to take at least two of the B12 tablets per day to maintain 550 and above in their blood – if they are consistently taking the B12 every day. Otherwise if someone is a little more sporadic with supplementation, probably three tablets a day with get you to optimal B12 levels as well.

What’s your choice:

  • Put up with ever increasing deterioration of your memory – which detracts from both your personal and professional life?
  • Eat a massive amount of wild and raw plants, and check in with your doctor that you are maintaining 550 and above?
  • Wait until you have pseudo-senility, and pray that your doctor correctly diagnoses you, and injects you with synthetic B12?
  • Take the natural B12 supplement?

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