Some Great TV Viewing

Health TVQuite a bit of really informative TV documentaries about health at the moment, I know that you may not have seen some of these, so I’m letting you know because there are quite a lot of good tips!

All of the documentaries listed below are on myy favourite TV channel:                  BBC iplayer, Science and Nature Channel

The Truth About…Your Teeth – Part 2

Some fantastic tips, some of which many of my students have yet to discover such as NOT brushing after eating, reducing frequency of consumption of acids and sugars, and an exicting peptide paint which remineralises your teeth

Horizon – Is binge drinking really that bad?

A good look at what alcohol does to your body

Horizon – Eat, Fast and Live Longer

How eating less calories, decreases disease and makes you live longer in a great state of health. – which is what I teach, by getting off the tragic, and getting on the magic, which automatically lowers your caloric intake and increases your nutritional intake.

Horizon – The Power of the Placebo

The Magic of Mushrooms

A nice little bit on how cancer cannnot grow when in the presence of cordyceps mushrooms – cordyceps is contained in our product Mighty Mushroom Mix

For Maximum Vitality

Peter Pure


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