Are you experiencing pain?

Through years, and decades of incorrect diet, and postural mis-alignment, this can eventually lead to joint pain, nerve impingement, worn-out cartilage, osteoarthritis, and eventually knee or hip replacement. Last year we had a student in her early 60’s who was due for a hip replacement, but after spending a little time on my classes, decided she would postpone her hip replacement surgery for 6 months and work with us on her diet and exercise so that she could regenerate her ageing hip. After 6 months she went back to the consultant who gave her the ‘thumbs up’ and all clear for no longer requiring a hip replacement. She got out of pain, and is now happily enjoying her pain-free mobility. To me, this is living! It shows how someone can decide to take charge of their health, and enjoy their life! In the photo below, you can see the incredible ability of the body to regenerate joints and get out of pain. If you are experiencing pain, and wish to do something about it, call Lisa on 01733 759648 to start enjoying a better quality of life today. knee

One response to “Are you experiencing pain?

  1. Hi Peter,

    That is a truly amazing story. I am a massage therapist in London and about 15 years ago
    I had a severe debilitating knee pain for almost 2 years. Meniscus surgery did not help. In my case a combination of massage therapy treatments, changing my diet and change my brain fire with new belief system really helped and my knee started the healing process. After I cleared my emotional stress and perception I felt more joy and my knee pain disappeared completely.

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