Does Bread make you Blind?

8cEating Two Slices of Bread has More Than TWO TABLESPOONS of Pure Sugar

CATARACTS affect 42% of men and women between the ages of 52 and 64. And as the damage accumulates cataracts affect 91% of people over age 75.

But what is CAUSING the deterioration in eyesight culminating in cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), vision loss, clouding of the eyeballs, and eventual blindness?

Your eyeballs are made from structural proteins called crystallins. These proteins are quickly irreversibly damaged by having high levels of blood sugar (glucose). In lab animals, cataracts can be produced in as little as 90 days by keeping blood sugar high.

I like to keep my blood sugar to around 74mg per decilitre (dL) of blood – under 80mg/dL is considered optimal. But what happens when people eat just 2 slices of whole-wheat bread, blood sugar can easily soar above and beyond 160mg/dL.  High blood sugar increases like this massively accelerates all ageing and disease via one of the underlying causes of ageing –GLYCATION. Glycation is the process of SUGARS irreversibly binding to the PROTEINS that your body is made from, and making your proteins permanently useless.  Including your eyeball proteins.

A hardcore grain-addict – such as a diabetic – can commonly maintain blood sugar scores between 100mg/dL to 400mg/dL. Yikes! And this is correlated to DOUBLING and even QUINTUPPLING your chances of getting arthrosclerosis, cataracts, kidney disease, heart attacks, cancer, skin wrinkles, and shortening your lifespan as compared to people who maintain low blood sugar levels.

Now HANDS-UP, I am a reformed grain-addict, and I estimate I ate approximately 12,000 slices of bread by the age of 19. It wasn’t easy for me to go cold turkey on my bread addiction because bread is highly addictive like CRACK COCAINE – in fact, the first day I went cold-turkey on grains, I made it all of about TWO HOURS before the withdrawal symptoms became unbearable to me. I quickly experienced dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, and an inebriated drug-like feeling in my brain. And the only way I knew then to resolve these withdrawal symptoms was to reach for a hit of bread. I realised then how difficult it was to get off highly addictive bread and grains.

I knew I had to come up with a plan to get off the bread and grains, and thereby slowing down my rate of ageing and disease. What I did that worked for me is I swapped all grains out of my diet and replaced them with beans and lentils. Keeping to a simple plan, I completely got off all grains within a year. The full plan that I followed, and how you can also get off ageing and disease causing bread and grains is detailed in chapter 10 “Get off the tragic, and get on the magic” in my new book The Incredible Self-Healing YOU!

You can measure your rates of glycation with a blood test your doctor can authorise called HbA1c which measures damage to your red blood cells. Whilst there is no safe level of damaged blood, by applying my dietary recommendations, you can get your blood glycation damage to below 4.5%.  In contrast, the average person has glycated blood above and beyond 5%, and can go up to as much as 12% for a hardcore grain addict. For a full list of optimal medical health measures that your doctor can authorise, refer to chapter 15 “Optimal Health Parameters” in my new book The Incredible Self-Healing YOU!

To Your Incredible Health


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