How to Live Longer and Avoid Disease

A cool program being re-shown on BBC iplayer:   Horizon “Eat, Fast and Live Longer”, Fascinating viewing with some great personalities in what is known as the Calorie Restriction movement showing how to live longer in better health and avoid disease.

On the program Prof. Luigi Fontana, who is medical doctor to the Calorie Restriction Society shows the remarkable health benefits of eating less.

Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition (CRON) is actually what I promote, as it is not just a case of eating less, as that can exasperate malnutrition, but CR members focus on eating the most nutritious foods on the planet – kings & queens of which would be what are known as “superfoods” and “tonics”

One idea on the program is keeping your IGF-1 levels low (a hormone associated with a lot of cancers), this can be done by lowering your intake of protein. However, it’s important to note that you do need sufficient raw protein to make your brain neurotransmitters fire off properly. I have found in my neurotransmitter analysis that 1/2 pint of hemp seeds OR 100g of raw fish per day will get your brain functioning properly.

But if you are eating cooked proteins – these are not going to get your brain functioning properly no matter how much you eat! – and worse still, it would increase your susceptibility of getting cancers due to raising your IGF-1 levels!

Interestingly, Prof. Luigi Fontana also found near identical health benefits to calorie restriction counting in eat-as-much-as-you-like (ad libetum) raw fooders (a separate study not shown on the program)

So the enormous health benefits of a raw plant diet eschewing grains and animal products once more is highlighted in the main stream media

Doctor Gabriel Cousens has also documented that raw fooders also naturally choose to consume significantly less calories than cooked food eaters.

One thing for sure is that excess body fat is a real enemy of health and long life which has also been shown by The Imperial College London, who showed that overweight people on average die 8 years earlier as compared to their leaner peers. That was a study with 380,000 people for 52 years.

These subjects are too important, and in my new book The Incredible Self-Healing YOU!  Chapters 10 & 11 articulate how you can maximise your nutrition whilst getting off a grain addiction, and reduce overall calories in a healthy and fun way.

Healthy Wishes

Peter Pure

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