Vote for your favourite covers!

Hi Guys – I’ve had so many excellent cover designs for my new book, I’m having trouble deciding! – so I’m putting it to you for a vote!

Competition 3

click for bigger

Four Questions to answer please:

  • A,  Are you male/female (we found men and women like different imagery)
  • B,  Which cover(s) would you buy?
  • C   Which cover(s) would you give to your DAD?
  • D   Which cover(s) would you give to your MUM?
  • E   Add any further comments you like! all appreciated!

Many Thanks,  Peter

17 responses to “Vote for your favourite covers!

  1. A female
    B 7, 8, 9, 1
    C and D I wouldn’t differentiate
    E didn’t like the fonts for YOU on 1 and 8
    Liked the straplines
    Great to hear its almost come to fruition!

  2. I’d go for cover eight it’s clean and fresh and I prefer the font. Don’t have either mother or father so that doesn’t apply

  3. Hi I am female
    Like one and 5 book covers ( when talking about people and health I like seeing a person or colour or food)
    I would give my Dad 7 (at his time of life he would be thinking about his heart)
    I would give my mum1 for the reasons above and 8 because it is soft and gentle (older woman style).
    Stratplines are great ( though I think the guy from Aus – ‘sick tired and early dead’ and someone else famous use – ‘Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired’. Love the idea and will be getting copies when its ready.
    well done, congratulations and all the best with the sales.

  4. Hi Peter
    A Male
    B 1
    C 7
    D 6
    E Actually like then all, after all it’s what’s inside that counts

  5. A – Female
    B – any
    C – any
    D – any
    E – I don’t like 3 & 4 so, if I didn’t know what I know of you, I would probably be less attracted to those two. However, I don’t just judge a book by its cover.
    I like the colours and vibrancy of 2 and 1. 6 is nice and clear and might be the one most likely to grab my attention..
    8 also looks nice as it’s more calm!

    I’m looking forward to receiving my copies whatever the cover! What a wonderful gift you have given.

  6. Hi Peter
    A) Male
    B) cover 1
    C) cover 1
    D) cover 1
    E) Much prefer cover 1..picture shows someone in great health..if you can personalise it more I would prefer that…the covers all look very much in the genre and I wouldnt know what the other covers were about…looks like they could be just about meditation or positive thinking ..I would like to see your photo on it

  7. I am female. I much prefer cover 2 with its inspirational colour scheme. My husband prefers no.5 but interestingly enough would have picked cover 2 if he was buying for me. We both picked out cover 1 though for presents for parents. Good luck with the book – whichever cover you choose ultimately! Can’t wait to come along to your course later this month….

  8. Catherine Girvan

    Catherine Girvan October 5th
    Prefer No7 bright eye catching colour
    No 7 My dad would like bright colours
    No 1
    Can I collect 3 books when I start the course.

  9. Hi Peter
    I’m an almost 50 male, Followed Tony Robbins way of eating for last 12 years and feel the benefit!!

    Book cover 4 stands out – far better than any of the rest. All the others are too “samey” – i.e. same as a 1000 books on book store shelves.
    I’m concerned about food tampering by manufacturers; I think en masse the population is being poisoned with sugar and undisclosed additives. No way are they all honest on labelling.

    But, making good quality diet decisions for the long term is not easy – we are all busy and bombarded with conflicting information. So, why not invite people to join a 3 minute a week club? A single 3 minute YouTube member only video (from you) on one new food to try that week? Membership is £10 per month..


    • Hi Richard, Your idea about a £10 a month – one video per week is precisely what I’m doing next!
      It will be my membership site. More than just food though, but focusing each week on a health idea that will give us incredible results!
      Watch this Space!
      Peter 🙂

  10. Hi Peter
    You are spot on about people not listening. So many people who complain about illness and food problems do nothing at all to change.
    A Female
    B 2 looks to me like a God book, I love the green colour of 4, but don’t like the black head, probably 6 or 8 but not in blue!
    C/D Neither of them do self-help or nutrition books. It’s not an issue with what the cover looks like! They are part of the generation who believes verbatim what any doctor tells them, no matter what. My mother’s doctor told her that her diet was fine and so that was the end of that conversation.
    E I think you want to use a colour that really makes the book stand out from the shelf, like the green, that’s different to everything else. I don’t remember seeing any covers in that colour. You don’t want it to look like all the other “self-help” books out there.
    Good luck!

  11. A – female
    B – 1 is my first choice (I like the healthy natural world theme – fresh air, sunshine, green grass and human figure), 4 is my second choice (for its simplicity, healthy ‘apple, grass, greens’ colour, and “YOU” human head emphasis).
    C – 1
    D – 1 or 4
    D – as above

  12. corrections
    C – 1 or 4
    D – 1
    E – as above

  13. B- 1 is my first choice .
    Good luck!
    Carmen Malski

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