How to inspire your friends and family, even when they are reluctant

You know someone who could benefit from better health, but persuading them to take action is slow-going?

The problem we all encounter is that when it comes to health, the people we know won’t listen to us! The problem is that they ASSOCIATE us with too many other things we’ve done; they’re thinking “You’re the lady who works in an office. I remember when you missed your flight. You tell funny jokes. You make a good curry!” None of these things have anything to do with HEALTH, and you’re just not seen by your friend as a health expert.

What can you do?

Here’s what I have found that works, the secret is to expose your friend to someone else. Someone else who is a health expert, and that our friends don’t have any other associations with.

Exposing them to a genuine health expert who has the vocabulary to speak to our friend and connect with them where they are at. This can take many different forms – a seminar, a consultancy, an audio program or a book.

Are they thinking in the NEGATIVE?

Why isn’t there a mile long queue of sick people clamouring for health books? Seems logical but quite often people who need to improve their health don’t tend to think in terms of what they DO WANT. Instead they think in terms of what they DON’T WANT – they don’t want the headache, they don’t want to be fat, they don’t want the ailments etc.

So part of the art, is to drop a hint to your friend about RESOLUTION and that you know someone they might find interesting.

As for my part, I have been wanting to write an easy-to-read book that we can give to our friends and family members that covers the points already mentioned, and details the basics: taking charge, personal responsibility, the role of the medical profession, the role of naturopaths, getting off the wrong foods and getting on the right foods, detoxification, exercise and taking action. And the good news is: that book is nearly complete and will be available in October!

And I have just received my first review of the manuscript: “This book reminds me of what I should be doing with my body. It gathers so much vital information in a coherent and logical way all in one place. 10/10.”      – Hands up! the review is from my sister! Now I have got the manuscript in the hands of a bunch of other people to get their critical feedback for script polishing! More news soon…

To Your Exceptional Health


2 responses to “How to inspire your friends and family, even when they are reluctant

  1. Excellent news – look forward to the book

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